Irene Online 8-19-11

irene lentz online Every once in a while, I like to do a re-cap of some of the many places I’ve come across online, that feature, or at least highlight Irene Lentz and her designs.

This is not a full list by any means.. rather, some of my personal choices at this particular time. More, quality features will be shared in future posts.

I do this, because it’s a delightful thing, to see Irene’s designs being talked about, written about, worn by today’s actresses, and revered by today’s designers.

Irene’s style remains classic, but timeless… as seen here:


Author: Kimberly Lindbergs

Excerpt: “About six or seven years ago something strange happened. It all started when I caught Doris Day playing an American heiress named Kit Preston in the entertaining thriller Midnight Lace (David Miller; 1960) opposite the great Rex Harrison when it was playing on television one afternoon. Midnight Lace might not be a brilliant film, but with its faux-London setting, fabulous Irene Lentz costume designs, creative photography by cinematographer Russell Metty and a suspenseful score by composer Frank Skinner, it’s an effective movie and easily one of Doris Day’s best efforts in my opinion.”


Author: Mary Hall

Excerpt: “For that film, she was nominated for an Oscar. But it was the first film she had worked on in 10 years. How pleased I think she would be to see Southwestern Law School preserving her salon and The Closer’s Brenda wearing her beautiful suits. Style never dies. Especially when it has an Irene label on it.”


Author: Greg LaVoi

Excerpt: “I had purchased months ago, this incredible Irene suit, probably one of the finest examples of Irene’s prowess at tailoring and design surely influenced by her years of working side by side the famed MGM costume designer Adrian, whose work was all about geometry and the mitering of stripes and seams, all a symphony of design details.”


Author: Lisa Sanderson

Excerpt: “Lentz’s evening wear was often dramatic with glimmer. Highly decorative, it often featured black lace, beading, or large bows. Lentz also liked to use many buttons on some of her evening clothes, especially on her 1950s cocktail dresses. Sometimes these dresses also had lots of bows. They all exuded glamour and sophistication.”


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  1. Patricia
    Dec 8, 2011

    Oh I’m so glad I found this site! My costume design obsession was always Edith Head until I started to watch movies costumed by Irene, the great Irene. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful stories and images with us :) She was an extraordinary designer.

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